Turf Moor – Stadium in Burnley, UK

Turf Moor History:

According to the book ‘Burnley: A Short History’ (authored by Brian Hall in 1977), Turf Moor came into existence in 1833 when this Burnley stadium witnessed first sports match. Turf Moor was not an ordinary ground as it instantly attracted other Burnley Sports clubs such as Burnley Cricket Club to lay its foundation followed by a Horse racing event took place in 1840. It became home stadium of Burnley F.C in 1883 and remains under Turf Moor properties Ltd. today.

Facts About Turf Moor:

Did you know?

Burnley Cricket Club was the one who invited the Burnley F.C to use the Turf Moor stadium for matches after their formation in 1882.

From Land to Excellence:

Burnley Cricket Club used the Turf Moor ground from 1833 to 1883. Not to forget that Turf Moor BB10 4BX, Burnley was initially constructed as a cricket ground. Interestingly the street on which the Turf Moor stadium is situated was named by Harry Potts who was the renowned manager of the Burnley FC whose guidance won the Clarets the 1959-60’s First Division Title.

Turf Moor Facts:

Did you know?

In 1924, Turf Moor had witnessed record-breaking attendance at the stadium with around 54,775 people came to watch the Clarets playing against Huddersfield Town FC which resulted in a tie.

An Honourable Football Ground:

Turf Moor also the record of being ‘First Football Ground to be visited by the British Royal Family’. However, the member was only one, it doubled the flourishing reputation of the Burnley Football stadium and added thousands of more Burnley FC fans. Fred Poland, professional football holds the record of hitting the first competitive goal on October 6, 1888, during first football league match at Turf Moor Stadium Burnley.

How can I get to Turf Moor Stadium

Getting to and from Turf Moor Stadium Burnley is indeed easy. Following are some of the convenient and low-cost Burnley public transport that interested people can utilize to get to Turf Moor stadium:

Travel to Turf Moor Stadium by Train – Book tickets of trains to Burnley and use any of the following train stations, Burnley, to get to the Turf Moor stadium: Burnley Central Train Station BB11 1DA, Burnley Manchester Road Station BB11 1JZ, Burnley Barracks Train Station BB12 0LX.

Travel to Turf Moor Stadium by Bus/Coach – Following bus stations in Burnley are few blocks away from Turf Moor Stadium in Burnley: Turf Moor (BB10 4BZ), Harry Potts Way (BB10 4AY), and The Wellington (BB11 3BX).

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Contact Details of Turf Moor Stadium, Burnley, UK:

  • Turf Moor Stadium Address – 52-55 Harry Potts Way, Burnley, Lancashire, UK
  • Turf Moor Stadium Postcode – BB10 4BX
  • Turf Moor Stadium Contact Number – +44 1282 446800
  • Turf Moor Stadium Opening Hours – 9:15 AM to 5 PM (Ticket office opening times)