Burnley Express

Burnley Express History:

Founded in 1877 as Burnley Express and East Lancashire Observer, George Frankland (Preston) laid the foundation of Burnley Express, UK. What attracted the locals to read this Burnley newspaper was its pricing and availability. Consisted of 8 pages, Burnley Express was available at a penny per week (on Tuesday and Friday). Today, Burnley Express has become the foremost local newspaper in Burnley, UK. Despite being affiliated with the conservative party, thousands of readers prefer reading it for knowledge and surrounding know-how.

Burnley Express and Advertiser:

With instant success, Burnley Express conquered the hearts of Lancashire readers with amazing news format which eventually led to its mergence with Burnley Advertiser making it the Burnley Express and Advertiser. As the time passed on, it started covering more areas and finally became Burnley Express and Clitheroe Division Advertiser in 1886.

In 1933, Burnley News (Liberal Party newspaper) merged its publishing services with Burnley Express, it then became Express and News.

Facts About Burnley Express:

Did you know?

Burnley Express is one of the few local newspapers in the UK to have political alignment.

Honours and Achievement:

Burnley Express’s headquarter is situated at Burnley Town Centre in Burnley, Lancashire, UK. Amongst the several achievements, Burnley Express was honoured with one of the most read newspaper in Lancashire. In 2003, Burnley Express reported having around 50,000 readers alone for just Friday editions and 39,000 readers for Tuesday editions (JICREG source). Burnley Express is owned by Johnston Press plc that is an 18th century (established in 1767) multimedia company in Edinburg, Scotland.

How can I get to Burnley Express Headquarters?

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Travel to Burnley Express Headquarter by Bus/Coach – Use the following Burnley bus stations to reach the Burnley Express Newspaper headquarters in few minutes: Lowerhouse Fold BB12 6LP, Leaver Street BB12 6EU, Lane Ends Hotel BB12 6LL, and Mills BB12 6NE.

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Contact Details of Burnley Express:

  • Burnley Express Address – Suite 104, Empire Business Park, off Liverpool Road Burnley, Lancashire, UK
  • Burnley Express Postcode – BB12 6HH
  • Burnley Express Contact Number – +44 1282 426161
  • Burnley Express Opening Hours – 9 AM to 5 PM (timings are not confirmed)