Burnley Barracks Train Station

Burnley Barracks Station History:

The history of Burnley Barracks Railway Station started from 18 September 1848 onwards when it first opened as a temporary train station for a rail line coming from Accrington, UK. It is also listed as the unstaffed station in Burnley because there are only one platform and building with a normal shelter facility for passengers to stand.

But doesn’t mean it cannot help the passenger. It has screens dispatched on the platform that displays route information, there’s also a timetable’s board that displays the arrival and departure of trains from Burnley Barracks Railway Station.

Trains to Burnley Barracks Station – Burnley Westage:

Opened as Burnley Westgate, Burnley Barracks Station was prominently featured in a documentary series Paul Merton’s Secret Stations programmed by Channel 4 in 2016. Presently, Burnley Barracks has one operational platform, it is managed by Northern (Arriva Rail North) on the East Lancashire Line. Initially, Burnley Barracks Railway Station was a rail extension to make railway more productive and feasible for traders and travellers from Accrington to Colne. Burnley Barracks Station has also had several ups and downs which led to its temporary closure in various decades.

Burnley Barracks Train Services:

Burnley Barracks (BUB) Train Station successfully facilitated 20,080 passengers in 2016/17. If you decide to travel on weekdays, then don’t forget to avail its hourly train service from Burnley Barracks to Colne, Blackpool South (via Preston). If you’re travelling from Burnley Barracks on a Sunday, then the same train schedule becomes two-hourly both for arrival and departure.

On May 14th, 2012, Burnley Barracks Train Station became the first request stop for locals. A request stop is a stop by trains, buses, at certain stations, bus station, or airport station where the passenger, if there is any, can request to get-off.

How can I get to Burnley Barracks Station:

Getting to and from Burnley Barracks station is simple and affordable as long as you follow the below-mentioned Burnley travel guide to reach the Burnley Station.

Travel to Burnley Barracks by Train – Nearest Train Stations to Burnley Barracks are Burnley Manchester Road (BB11 1JZ), Burnley Central (BB11 1DA), and Rose Grove Station (BB12 6EU). You can also travel from Colne, Blackpool South and Preston.

Travel to Burnley Barracks by Bus/Coach – Use the following bus stations in Burnley as drop-off location to reach the Burnley Barracks station in few minutes: Barracks Rail Station (BB12 0LX, BB11 4AT), and Allerton Drive (BB12 0NH).

Travel to Burnley Barracks by Taxi – The affordable and relaxing way to reach any train station in Burnley is by taxis. You can book a taxi to Burnley Barracks from anywhere in Hertfordshire by travelling with Burnley Taxis Company that offers cheap and safe taxis in Burnley.

Contact Details of Burnley Barracks:

  • Burnley Barracks Train Station Address – Near Junction Street, Westway, Burnley, Lancashire, UK
  • Burnley Barracks Train Station Postcode – BB12 0LX
  • Burnley Barracks Train Station Phone Number – 0808 156 1606 (Helpline)
  • Burnley Barracks Train Station Opening Hours – Helpline Opening hours are 8 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Saturday and 9 AM to 5 PM on Sunday.

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