Accrington Cricket Club



Accrington Cricket Club was founded in 1846 at Tewitt Hall, that is in the midst of Junction of Richmond and Richmond Hill Street today. However, there is substantial historical evidence that suggests the history of cricket in Accrington goes even before 1846 as there are matches recorded to be played in 1841. During its initial stages, the club had played with simple rules as all the players used to wear white ducks, flannel jackets, belts, spiked shoes, and velvet caps (sometimes tall black hat). Each match consisted of two innings, and there was only one bowling action ‘under-arm bowling’. The club has its first recorded win and loses in 1847 against Darwen Club. However, the club played its first professional tournament at Tewitt hall in 1848 by playing against Manchester, Little and Spratley, but the matches were one-wicket matches. It was the start of a new era for them. Upcoming decades marked engraved their presence each with a unique win and several related conspiracies also.


Best In-League Cricket Club:


Accrington Cricket Club continued to show the locals of Lancashire the best of cricket. They already had produced hundreds of professional and record-breaking players. From 1890 onwards, the second prosperous era began as the club made it to the Lancashire League in 1892. Indeed, it was a one of the biggest opportunity for the Accrington Cricket Club as the league had similar officials who finalised the football league two years earlier. The club performed well in the League by winning opening matches, but things started to fall apart in the second half of the league when the Accrington Cricket Club lost eight consecutive games. The club finished at 10th place which stunned the club’s supporters. However, the club’s management was quite impressed by the performance of some players including Saul Wade, John Beaumont who was an excellent fast bowler. They signed up these players based on their performance and utmost devotion. However, Johnny Briggs who also was hired by the league did not show up for most of the matches and was dismissed on a permanent basis due to it. It created a lot of controversies within the Lancashire county, and several hurting questions were raised against dismissal.  The club faced a minor disruption amongst its players which took quite some time to handle.

Rising Stars:


The 50s, 60s, and 70s were fortunate decades for the Accrington Cricket Club as they entitled its name amongst the winners of several major events. The club’s management hired a new and professional captain to lead the team as they recently went through a lot of controversies. The club managed to stabilise their position in the tournaments. Now they were more improved, stronger, and deadlier than before. The most memorable season was of August 1970s when the club won its final against Burnley to win the League Championship. More than 3,000 spectators witness and cheered their win. The match was close as both teams were struggling hard with back and forth results, but finally, victory hugged Accrington Cricket Club.


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